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Geraniums UK Blog

How to Make a Geranium Garden around an Outdoor Patio Area

Gardening can be the best solution for your dull outdoor area. Transform your homes into an awe-inspiring one by creating a geranium garden.

Putting up a garden would definitely create an attraction for a home. Our home was dull looking, so we decided to transform it into something attractive as well as refreshing to the eyes. The whole thing started in preparation for a special event, and we want it extra intimate. We opted for a barbecue party on our outdoor patio area, but we don't want it plain and simple. We have just invested in a highly regarded propane smoker and really keen to fire it up for some guests.

After spending some time searching for ideas, we decided to have a garden of a known plant, geranium. Geranium is a type of plant commonly known as cranesbill. Famous for its gorgeous flowers, the plant makes a good decoration, perfect for both outdoor and indoor blast.

To save some penny, we personally made our garden. It wasn't as easy as we thought, but eventually we learned how to start making a garden the simple yet beautiful way. Below are the tips that could help you in achieving a stunning geranium garden.

Choose the Perfect Spot for Your Garden

It is important to plan ahead where you want to place your garden. In designing your garden, be extra creative; imagine where you want to see those geranium flowers when they start to bloom. Create an outline to follow before anything else.

Also, flowers like geraniums need more sunlight exposure; therefore, you are advised to place your garden not on a shady part.

Prepare the Necessary Gardening Supplies

Next to prepare are the materials to use in gardening. You may search online to find the best sources in buying gardening tools. Here, you need to prepare the following:

  • Young plants or seeds - buy the best geranium seeds or sprouts. You may start planting using seeds, or you may plainly go with those that have a head start already.
  • Top soil and soil fertilizer - pick the best soils for your garden. Placing the right amount of fertilizers helps the plants to grow healthy.
  • Compost - this will help to retain the moist in the garden.
  • Shovel - an important tool used in fixing the soils.
  • Garden hose - get the best hose that can both mist or full spray your plants.
  • Fencing tools - this is a must especially when you have pets at home.

Make sure that before starting, you already mastered everything about geraniums. For places that experience winter, take note that geraniums can't tolerate too much cold. You may start digging and planting after the winter season.

A geranium garden undoubtedly brings life into your homes with their stunning flowers. It is perfect as a natural decoration for all special occasions.

How to care for a Geranium Garden

One great way of achieving a good looking area is by putting up a geranium garden that definitely helps in creating beautiful, comfortable and refreshing homes.

Geraniums are commonly seen everywhere especially in garden areas. They can further bring life into your home whether you place them outdoors or indoors. Growing this plant is just like growing any other plants. It's no rocket science. As long as you take care of them well, you will surely achieve a blooming garden inside or outside your home.

In order for the flower to bloom perfectly, it need lots of light exposure, so if it is inside the house, you place it in a sun-kissed spot or you may opt to place them outside for at least four hours a day to receive the right amount of sunlight. If placed indoor, the temperature must be 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit at daytime and at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit at night.

These types of plant need the best draining potting soil as well. When you grow the plant outdoor, you have to keep it moist all the time. The pots must also contain the right amount of soil, perlite and peat, in order for geranium to grow well.

Geranium couldn't tolerate coldness. Every gardener is suggested to only start planting once the threat of frost has passed to protect geraniums from too much cold. You may also try mulching the flower to help maintain the moist. Space requirements within each plant should strictly be followed since it would affect the growth of the plants.

Sometimes, creating a good garden wouldn't be complete if not for the perfectly mowed lawns. A good lawn often adds up to the beauty of our outdoor patio. But how do we mow the lawn around tight corners? It could actually possibly be done by the use of zero- turn mower.

A zero- turn mower was invented by Max Swisher in 1994. The mower was made to help gardeners make their lawns the easy way. By reading the zero turn mower reviews you will quickly learn that this type of mower allows for a quicker mow and will handle little spaces better. You will have everything done with just a few turns without cutting grass.

Lawns play a good role in making a garden extra grand. It always provides a clean and refreshing outcome. Taking care of lawns and growing plants take time and effort. Sometimes it is costly too, but the outcome is always worth it.

Creating indoor fountains paired by an indoor Geranium set up

Who wouldn't want to transform their homes into a unique and a nature friendly paradise? The answer to that would surely be no one.

A premium indoor water fountain plus a geranium setup is one popular perfect combination in making houses a beautiful and a refreshing haven to live in. Fountains as a main attraction in houses aren't new to us, but we often see them outside rather than indoors. But let us try changing the usual and have the better, unusual things instead. Here are some reasons why you must try this brilliant idea in your home.

Refreshing Ambiance

A fountain itself gives us a revitalizing feeling, how much more when paired with geranium flowers on the side? These two will welcome you always with an uplifting ambiance each time you enter your home. The more the rejuvenating the house is, the nicer it is to stay at home.

Transforms dull looking homes

A home without plants is generally viewed as dull and lifeless. Flowers play a great role in making every home majestic. Geranium flowers are known to be pretty in all aspects, and they always give a soothing and comforting feeling. The same thing with indoor fountains, it generates a cool and extravagant view.

Has amazing health benefits

Studies show that flowers have great health benefits. By simply looking at the flowers, it could make you feel closer to nature and boost your mood almost instantly . Having them around brings a positive energy that could last the entire day. Gazing at those flowers will surely be enough to shoo all the worries away.

We always aspire to make our home a comfortable and a beautiful sanctuary for the whole family. It is not yet too late for you to start transforming your home  into something more worthwhile.

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