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About Vernons Geraniums Nursery

History of Our Nursery

Our collection of plants was started by our Grandad (shown right, outside his greenhouse). He developed a love of the pelargonium family and he even bred a few new varieties of his own. Our Mum also loved these plants and in turn our Dad became hooked too. And so we were a family of four children living in a house that had a back garden filled to the brim with greenhouses - there was no playing football in the garden for us!

When the collection grew too large (dreadful pun!) we had to move to a house with an even bigger back garden. We found a de-licensed pub and Mum left her teaching post to start the nursery full time. She had been teaching seven year olds and marvelled at the fact that plants didn't shuffle in their seats, chatter non stop or answer back (and it did not matter if they could not read)! Shortly afterwards Dad was made redundant from his job as a civil engineering draughtsman and they 'went for it' (complete madness with four small children at school!).

A Family Affair

In time one of the sons also became interested and joined the nursery and then a daughter joined and then a son-in-law joined! So today there are five of us working together - we all get along very well, but we do make it a rule that we don't discuss geraniums at family parties! We have an excellent team working with us - we all wrap up in our thermals in winter and swelter all summer long but we have a lot of humour along the way. In spring we have a group of mostly retired folk who come in every year and help us through our busiest months.

Over the years we have extended our collection to become the largest specialist geranium nursery in Europe and we post our plants out to all over the United Kingdom and EU. We are known for the wide selection we offer, many of which cannot be obtained elsewhere.

The Best Varieties in the World

We hold stocks of many old traditional varieties, but we are also continually introducing new varieties. This on-line catalogue brings together a collection of the best varieties that are available in the world.

And when is our favourite time on the nursery? It's got to be in the summer when all the plants are in full flower, the nursery is an absolute picture and we still find ourselves impressed and amazed by the diversity and beauty of this family of plants.

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